GCVM Paver Policy & Guide Lines

Please read prior to making your purchase as no refunds will be permitted:

These rules and guide lines were implemented by the members of the GCVM committee at the meetings conducted during 2006 and 2007.  Because of the misunderstanding and the expectations by purchasers of new brick pavers, these rules and policies are here stated to inform everyone before the brick paver is ordered. 

  1. Engraved brick pavers are for veterans only.
  2. A copy of DD 214 Form must be included with brick paver order form.
  3. Active duty military use military identification in-lieu of DD 214 Form.
  4. Brick paver size is limited to 4” X 8”.
  5. Message will consist of three lines with up to 13 characters per line.
  6. Your message must fit within the spaces provided (No additional characters permitted).
  7. Spaces and punctuation count as characters.
  8. Text will be centered and en-graved in all uppercase letters.
  9. Special letters or symbols not found on standard keyboard will not be allowed.
  10.  The GCVM committee reserves the right to approve or reject all inscriptions.
  11.  No commercial brick pavers will be permitted.
  12.  Brick pavers purchased after November 11th, 2007 will be inserted in wing areas.
     No additional en-graved brick pavers will be placed in the center courtyard area.  
  13. Brick paver must be purchased prior to October 1st in-order to be en-graved and installed before the pre-Veterans Day November recognition ceremony.
  14. Red is the only brick paver color available.
  15. Placement of brick pavers in the wings will be done in accordance as to when the order is received. Previously installed brick pavers in the center courtyard area or the wing areas will not be moved to accommodate request.
  16. Brick paver order must be paid in full when ordered.


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