Honor Roll Park Restoration Project Plans

(Completed 11/11/2007)

The Monument is part of Glen Carbonís history. It represents the citizensí hard work and efforts during World War II to show pride in their loved ones efforts.

The existing monument will remain intact and only additions are planned for the restoration. The structure requires some tuck pointing and the existing ornaments will be sanded and refinished.
The wrought iron will also receive a facelift.

The current flag pole will be removed and three new flag poles will be positioned behind the monument. Pertinent lighting will be installed to illuminate the flags at night. The American Flag, POW/ MIA Flag, Illinois State Flag, and the Village of Glen Carbon Flag will fly on new flag poles.

The Fallen Soldier bronze sculpture will be added in front of the existing monument. Five black granite markers, each representing the current five branches of the United States Armed Forces,
will form a semi-circle around the statue.

A bench will be placed between each of the five black granite markers for visitors to rest and reflect while visiting the monument. The area between the existing Honor Roll monument and the benches will be a courtyard of paver bricks surrounding the Fallen Soldier Sculpture. The courtyard area and statue will also be illuminated.

People in the community will be given the opportunity to add the names of their loved ones to the monument in the form of paver bricks.

The monument will be handicapped accessible with a wheelchair ramp provided on South Meridian Road near the three parking places. A sidewalk will be added on the street side of the property. Landscaping will include new shrubbery and trees.

Randy Mardis of Landscape Technologies incorporated the committee's ideas into the working design shown below.

Layout of Honor Roll ParkClick on image to enlarge.

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