Progress Time Line

Chronological progress for November, 2007.

November 2, 2007,
The sod for Honor Roll park has been delivered and laid.
Watering has begun of the recently laid sod to help it take hold.
Forklift dropping off a stack of sod
Laying sod along the walkway by Main Street
Laying sod along the walkway by Main Street 2
Laying sod behind the monument
Site shot from Main Street showing sod
Monunment Shot with new sod
Watering fresh sod
Watering new sod
New sod being watered
Courtyard surrounded by new sod
November 1, 2007,
The plant beds behind the monument surrounding the flag poles have been completed.
Plants have been added as well as additional plants have been added in various beds.
Recently Finish plant bed
Shot along Meridian Road and back of monument
Along walkway from Main Street
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