Progress Time Line

Chronological progress for May through August, 2007.

August 29, 2007
The electrical meter was installed and underground electrical wires were ran from the pole to the meter base. The power pole/light pole for the flags was removed from the corner near the intersection.
Installed Electric Meter Removal of Power Poles at Intersection

August 20, 2007,
The benches, sidewalks, and landscaping plants were removed. The conduit was connected to the meter box.

Installed Electric Pipe to Meter Box
Removal of landscaping
Removal of Sideways and Benches
August 13, 2007
Electrical meter box was installed for supplying electrical needs for the flags, courtyard, and future events.
July, 2007
The Eagle and Orbs atop of the brick columns were re-finished.
May 23, 2007
The three new flag poles were installed behind the monument.

The Restoration begins.

November 2006
VFW Post 2222 Commander Ron Hicks addressing the crowd gathered during the annual March to The Honor Roll.

circa 1947
An early picture of June Sedlacek and Ralph Weiler in front of The Honor Roll.

circa 1943
Fanny, Carol, and Belle Rasplica stand in front of the 182 names carved into the recently completed Honor Roll. | ©2007-2012 Glen Carbon Veterans Monument Committee |